Shore Board SUP Models






Classic Design Package: $2,195.00 plus applicable taxes

Custom Design Package (Design Your Own): $2,495.00 plus applicable taxes

Length:    11’ 6” 
Width:     32” 
Height:    5”
Volume:   215L
Weight:    32-40lbs depending on the woods chosen for design

The Tonka is a universal board designed for flat water use. It can handle a beginner rider up to 225lbs, and an advanced rider up to 250lbs. Great for your morning cruise on the lake, or even your afternoon workout session.  This board will definitely keep your momentum, which makes for a very stable and enjoyable ride!


MInne Model

Classic Design Package: $2,195.00 plus applicable taxes

Custom Design Package (Design Your Own): $2,495.00 plus applicable taxes

Length:    10’ 6”
Width:      30"
Height:     4.75"
Volume:    175L
Weight:    30-38lbs depending on the woods chosen for design

The Minne lives up to its name.  Same great performance as the Tonka model, but just on a smaller scale.  Built for flat water use this board cruises!  It can handle a beginner rider up to 210lbs, and an advanced rider up to 225lbs.  If you're looking to take in nature at a faster clip then this board is for you!     

Shore Board SUP Designs


We offer a "Classic Design" that comes in the following two options:

  • Option 1:  If you're drawn to the lighter shades of wood we'll incorporate our "Classic Design" using mainly Paulownia or Aspen, w/Western Red Cedar accents.


  • Option 2:  If you prefer a darker color wood than the "Classic Design" using mainly Western Red Cedar, w/Paulownia or Aspen accents will be more your style (this design tends to weigh more just because Western Red Cedar tips the scales more than Paulownia does).
Example of our Classic "Vintage" Design

Example of our Classic "Vintage" Design

Another Example of our Classic "Vintage" Design

Another Example of our Classic "Vintage" Design

Example of our Classic "Chris Craft Inspired" Design 

Example of our Classic "Chris Craft Inspired" Design 

Classic "Chris Craft Inspired" w/Turquoise SB Inlay

Classic "Chris Craft Inspired" w/Turquoise SB Inlay

Classic Cedar SUP

Classic Cedar SUP


CUSTOM Design package:

We work together to capture your vision.  You choose how you want the Western Red Cedar, Paulownia, or Aspen will be laid out vertically.  This is the best part of building these SUPs!  I get to take your ideas, and make it happen!

The custom design package also includes the ability to incorporate your own artwork, a company logo, your family crest, or the classic Shore Board logo in the top circle design piece.  This top circle design area is 6"-7" round, and it is positioned on the top-center portion of the board.  You'll be looking at this area quite a bit while paddling, so you definitely want to keep that in mind.  This is just one more way you're making a SUP that is truly your own. Below are a few custom boards we did for our clients in the past:


Rising Sun 

Rising Sun 

Knotty or Nice? 

Knotty or Nice? 

From idea to reality

From idea to reality

Compass Rose w/Curves 

Compass Rose w/Curves 

Limited Edition Painted SUP

Limited Edition Painted SUP

The Story behind it all...


It all started back in 2013 when my wife, Jen, mentioned she was interested in getting a Stand Up Paddle Board.  At the time I was unfamiliar with the sport, so I figured I’d do some googling before making the purchase. I began exploring what this Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) craze was all about, and quickly realized it is the fastest growing water sport here in Minnesota! Studying the different types of SUPs on the market was overwhelming - there were EPS foam boards, hardened plastic boards, inflatables, and last but not least, the hollow wood boards. A majority of the EPS foam, plastic, and inflatable SUPs didn’t really capture my interest. However, when I stumbled across the hollow wood SUPs I was completely blown away by the craftsmanship that went into each board.  They were extremely intricate, and absolutely gorgeous in design.  

Without even knowing the story behind any of the hollow wood SUPs, I could tell by the pictures that they were built with a tremendous amount of pride.  It was within this mindset that triggered the urge to build my own board.  I wanted something that I could take pride in owning, and something that would last us a lifetime.  It also didn’t hurt that it would be truly one-of-a-kind!

So, the board building began! I invested in about 200+ hours on the first board, and was one of the most exciting, challenging, and rewarding experiences of my life. I’d come home from work, have dinner with Jen, and out to the shop I’d go. It soon became an obsession. There were many sleepless nights fixating on how I was going to tackle the next step in the process. In fact, some nights my sudden ideas would wake me up before dawn, and I'd rush to go continue working on the board in my pj’s!  When I wasn’t working on the board, I was researching the different methods for each step of the process, and taking it all in. It was completely exhilarating watching the board come to life!

When I finished the board I couldn’t wait to get it out on the water! I will never forget the first paddle session. I got up early, before everyone else, before the chaos of the day appeared. There wasn’t a soul on the lake. The water like glass. It was completely calm, and all you could sense was the stillness of nature all around you.

I paddled to the middle of the lake, paused, sat on the board, and it was at that time I realized that all the hard work I put into making this board was completely worth it.  An overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment overtook me. It was a moment I’ll never forget.

That experience sparked the fire inside me to make this a business I can share with everyone. I want to build boards that are essentially an extension of one’s self. Not just a generic SUP you can purchase with a couple clicks of a button, but instead an investment  you can truly take pride in owning because you were an important part of its design and creation. I want to make boards just for you.

That experience sparked the fire inside me to make this a business I can share with everyone. I want to build boards that are essentially an extension of one’s self.


His aim: Build a better board
— Minneapolis Star Tribune

Hand-shaped hollow wood creation by @shoreboardsup, taking it back to classic
— SUPthemag

So these turned out amazing! We’re pretty proud to have worked with the likes of John at @wilsonandwillys and Tim @shoreboardsup - he sure makes one mean hollow wooden SUP board! And they’re surprisingly light!
— Sanborn Canoe Co.

Ride in style... Truly unique and beautiful SUPs from @shoreboardsup

Check out this beauty by @shoreboardsup, has me drooling

Hey guys, check out this amazing SUP from @shoreboardsup
— Stand.Up.Paddle


Artful Living Magazine - A-List Award Winner

MSP Mag - Made In the North Award Winner 

Lake Minnetonka Magazine - Artist on Board Article







Our mission is to provide a high quality, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind wooden SUP that is timeless in design, and built to last you a lifetime. We accomplish this mission while being environmentally conscious on not only the products we use to make the SUPs, but also through incorporating a give back program with the MN DNR where we donate a portion of every board sold to the planting of new tree seedlings.  



Tim Shore

The Laborer/Artisan

Jen Shore

The Brains


The Motivator


Brand Rep


Why wood?

There are multiple reasons why a wooden SUP should be your next SUP purchase.  I’ve broken it down in this comparison table.

What is the final weight of a Shore Board?

The weight varies based on the model and/or types of wood you choose to design your SUP.  The typical final weight is around the 32-40lb range for the Tonka model, and 30-38lbs for the Minne model.  

Since these boards are designed for flatwater use, and not to surf, the additional weight is a benefit in comparison to EPS foam boards because they keep better momentum, and are stable in rougher conditions.

How long does it take to make a Shore Board?

Actual hands-on labor = 20-25 hours
Start to finish construction time = 2 to 3 weeks

The timetable for delivery of your board is determined on the current orders in queue.  We can accurately determine the completion date based on current orders, so feel free to contact us with inquiries regarding our current workload. 

Are there Shore Boards base designs to choose from, or do I have to come up with my own design?

We do offer a "Classic Design Package" that comes 3 different layouts.  The 3 different layouts are pictured above.  Keep in mind the layouts pictured above are all Western Red Cedar with light accent features, but you can choose the exact opposite if you're looking for a lighter color board with dark accents.  Give us a call if you have any questions regarding the "Classic Design Package" offered.

If you decide to do the "Custom Design Package," you can be as hands on as you want to be.  This is where the creative excitement is born, and it is truly the best part of the entire board building process.  It is very exciting to see your vision come to life, and even more exhilarating when I am able to deliver a board that you had a significant role in designing.  

What is the typical maintenance on a Shore Board?

There should be very little, if any, maintenance on these boards. Under normal conditions these boards should last you a lifetime. If you were to structurally damage the board, the good news is they are repairable. That is unlike an EPS foam board, plastic, or an inflatable. If you structurally damage one of those board types you typically need to buy new because the cost/benefit to repairing doesn’t make economic sense. That is why you see many of them end up in a landfill which is very harmful to the environment.

Do you ship anywhere in the USA? international?     

Shore Boards is excited to announce that we have partnered with a fantastic carrier that will ship anywhere in the world!  The customer does pick up the cost of shipping. Due to the size of these SUPs, we need to ship the boards via freight, and the cost does vary.  We have definitely done our due diligence in vetting out the best shipping option for our clients, and we are very happy with not only the pricing, but also their exceptional customer service.  Feel free to reach out to us here at Shore Boards to run a quote.  We can typically turn around a quote within a 24 hour window. 

Is there a warranty on a Shore Board?

Shore Boards stands behind each and every board we create.  The warranty covers the craftsmanship, and materials we use throughout the build.  We do not cover any damage that would be caused by the user itself.  If you ever did damage your board we will work together on coming up with a solution that works best for both parties.  We want you to enjoy your experience working with Shore Boards, so we'll do whatever it takes to make sure you're happy with the end result.  If you have any further questions regarding warranty please feel free to reach out via the "Connect" portion of the website.    

Is there a referral program with Shore Boards?

We understand the significance of a word-of-mouth referral.  If you tell your family and friends about Shore Boards, and they happen to purchase a board, you are one step closer to getting a board of your own! The referral program is as such:  If you refer 5 people to purchase a Shore Board you get your own custom SUP absolutely free! It’s our way of saying thank you for believing in us to satisfy your family/friends' SUP needs.

During the ordering process the referring customer needs to inform Shore Boards of how they heard about us. It is at that time where we would document who gave the referral. We will track the referrals until you reach your goal of 5.  Easy as that! 

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